Hubert Gockel (Germany)
Eugene Rosner (USA)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (II): July – December

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No.1095 Hubert Gockel &
Eugene Rosner

Germany / USA

original – 09.07.2016

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white Ba4c3 Kb4 Se5 Rh8 Pb6c2e2e4e6g6 black Kd5 Bd1h2 Rd2 Pb7c4c6d3d6g3g7

#2*                                          (11+11)

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Juraj Lörinc
July 9, 2016 17:34

Rather interesting annihilation strategy in all four phases (set, 2 tries and solution), with consequent use of annihilation.

Minus from the point of view of changes: the checkmate 2.Sxd2 (Sd2→g1)# is not properly transferred as it follows both 1…dxc2 (Pc2→c7) and 1…dxe2 (Pe2→e7) in both phases with keys capturing on the c-file. Although always only one of defences defends against relevant threat in respective phases, the other unfortunately besides threat allows also the mate Sxd2 (Sd2→g1)#. (For proper mates transference see e.g. this #2 by Mikhail Marandyuk: )