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No.1165 Adrian Storisteanu

original – 13.12.2016

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White kb2 ga6c6

-4w & !=1        2 solutions       (3+0)
Grasshopper a6, c6

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Vlaicu Crisan
Vlaicu Crisan
December 14, 2016 14:11

An almost unbelievable achievement. It is not only the very precise play which impresses, but also the artistic touch in achieving two different ideal stalemate positions.

Adrian Storisteanu, together with Cornel Pacurar, recently established themselves as the reference authorities in the series retractors area.

For those interested to see more examples in this field, I would recommend them reading the following articles written by the Canadian experts: (pages 251-256). (pages 372-374).

You can also admire their individual work in their recent WCCI Retros submissions:,%20Adrian.pdf (examples 3-6)

On a more personal note, I can’t resist quoting one of the most amusing interviews I have ever read, featuring both Cornel Pacurar and Adrian Storisteanu, where probably appears the first reference to this new genre: (pages 75-78)

Long comment, I know, but hope to whet at least someone’s appetite.

December 14, 2016 15:46

I think I’ve just opened my first present this season. Thanks, Vlaicu, for the kind words (and the references, some of which will be opened at the reader’s own peril)!

It’s one of those ‘lucky problems’, as Zvi Roth calls them (a tidbit Paz Einat mentioned in his recent Toronto escapade, during an ad-hoc gathering — with Cornel and beer and even some chess), where everything just falls into place…

December 14, 2016 17:10

I thank Vlaicu Crisan for extensive references to enjoy this genre. I had been wanting to learn more about series Retractors and here it is as an addition to an excellant effort by the expert, Adrian!

Manfred Rittirsch
Manfred Rittirsch
January 4, 2017 09:56

The term ‘ideal’ is quite dubious in the context of a stalemate anyway, but in this very instance I would definitely NOT use it because of the white Gs (expendable in 3 of 4 cases) and the square a5 being quarded twice by q + s.
Apart from that I fully agree to Vlaicus enthusiastic comment!

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