Hans Peter Rehm, Kjell Widlert & Klaus Wenda
(Germany / Sweden / Austria)

Warm welcome to Hans Peter Rehm in Original problems section of JF!


Original Fairy problems
October’2017 – March’2018

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No.1239 Hans Peter Rehm,
Kjell Widlert & Klaus Wenda

Germany / Sweden / Austria

original – 04.10.2017

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white PAd6 VAe5 NEf7 Pf6h5 Kh3 black Kh1 RHb3e1g1 Gb5d3 LEc4 PAf1 WEc8h7 Pe6e2e3f2f3f4 Re8

#9                                              (6+17)
Nonstop-Equihopper f7
Leo c4 ; Pao d6,f1 ; Vao e5
Grasshopper b5,d3
Rookhopper b3,e1,g1
Wazir c8,h7

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Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
October 18, 2017 01:10

A logical problem (as expected!). During the solution the NEf7 attacks two of the squares b5/b3/d3, using hurdles on two of the squares d6/d5/e5. In addition the Gd3/Gb5/RHb3 defend two of the same squares b5/b5/d3, depending on whether the bLE is on b4/c4/c3. The wPA/wVA shuffle between d6/d5/e5, changing the squares that are attacked by the NE and forcing the bLE to shuffle between b4/c4/c3. When the wLE reaches e5, 4.h6 threatens 5.PAh5#, forcing Black to play 4…WExh6. The wPA and wVA then retrace their steps, returning to the diagram position but with wPh5 missing and bWEh7 now on h6. This then allows 8.NEd5+ (yet another use for the wNE) exd5 9.PAxh6#.

The position is crowded, but fortunately all we have to do is click on each move and watch the wPA, wVA and bLE shuffle about. Things then don’t seem to be quite as complex!

The basic geometry is very pleasing, but there are several technical fairy units. The pawns on e3, f3, e2 and f2 are needed as hurdles, but they must be blocked by fairy units on e1 and f1 (do those units have any function other than to act as blocks?).

Kjell Widlert
Kjell Widlert
October 18, 2017 16:20

Yes, PAf1 has another function than just blocking (which is the reason we didn’t use an orthodox rook on f1):
It stops the dual (1.PAd5 2.VAd6) 3.h6 exd5 4.NEf5 d4 5.NEb1+ PAxb1!

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