Julia's Fairies

No. 1349 (AT)

Arno Tüngler

Original Fairy problems
July – December’2018

No.1349 Arno Tüngler

original – 04.12.2018

Solution: (click to show/hide)

white Ke8 Pa7d3d4f3h2h5 black Kd5 Qg7 Ba1b1 Rb2e3 Se6 Pc4c6f4g3h4h6

ser-!=66                              (7+13) C?

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Jacques Rotenberg
Jacques Rotenberg
December 5, 2018 07:44

what is the cook when the a-pawn is lower than a6 ?

Arno Tüngler
Arno Tüngler
December 5, 2018 08:58

For example: 1.Ke8 2.hxg3 3.gxf4 7.f8=B 8.Bb4 13.f8=B 14.Bfe7 18.Ka6 20.Bxh6 21.Bf4 24.h8=R 26.Rxc6 27.Rxc4 29.Ra8 30.Bb8 32.Ba5-c7 33.Ka7 35.a6 !=
So, with wPa6 that should already not be possible.

Jacques Rotenberg
Jacques Rotenberg
December 5, 2018 12:34

Is it so important to say « without capture « ?
Is there already a longer position « with captures » ?

Arno Tüngler
Arno Tüngler
December 5, 2018 13:46

Yes, the longest has 173 moves with and 119 moves without promoted force. See PDB P1333509 and P1273550. In long series-movers captures are usually quite important to get small changes in the position that add length.

Václav Kotěšovec
Václav Kotěšovec
August 31, 2020 18:50

cook 1.hxg3 2.gxf4 3.f5 4.f4 5.f6 6.f5 7.f7 8.f6 9.fxg7 10.a8=R 11.Ra4 12.Rxc4 13.Rxc6 14.Rxe6 15.Kf8 16.Rxh6 17.Rh8 18.h6 19.h7 20.Rg8 21.h8=B!=

Arno Tüngler
Arno Tüngler
October 18, 2020 17:11

Thanks to Václav for the cook that I should have seen…
Would like to correct this with wBd7 instead of wPa7 and one move shorter – a ser-!=65. The solution remains unchanged besides after 1.Bc8 2. Ba6 everything is one move less. Maybe you can test again?

Vaclav Kotesovec
Vaclav Kotesovec
March 26, 2023 09:52
Reply to  Arno Tüngler

A full test of this version is not possible by either Alybadix or Gustav. I tested this sd-auto=65 with Gustav 4.2c with the additional condition that pawn promotions can only be on the bishop, and the problem passed this test! Even this partial test required over 60 hours of computer time.

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