No.1409 (PT)

Pierre Tritten 

Original Fairy problems
January – June’2019

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No.1409 Pierre Tritten

original – 15.06.2019

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White Kh5 Rf7 Rc2 Bh4 Black Ka3 Rf3 Be7 Pc5 Pa4 Pd3

h#2              2 solutions           (4+6)

3 Responses to No.1409 (PT)

  1. Luce says:

    Congratulations Pierre
    for this incursion in a new field.
    I see that you are faithfull to your couple Rook/Bishop and your favourite Zilahi theme.
    I like !

  2. SeetharamanSeetharaman says:

    definition not clear for me.
    From which square the rook/bishop move to b3/b4?

  3. shankar ram says:

    BRf7 can move like B to b3
    BBh4 can move like R to b4
    From b4 BR moves like S
    From b3 BB moves like S

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