Petko A. Petkov

Original Fairy problems
January – June’2019

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No.1411 Petko A. Petkov

original – 22.06.2019
Dedicated to Christian Poisson

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white Kh3 black Ke8 Sc1 neutral Rc7 Qf2

h#2           2 solutions          (1+2+2)
Neutral pieces c7, f2

No.1412 Petko A. Petkov

original – 22.06.2019

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white Kc1 Bb5h4 Rg1g3 Sh2h3 Pb3d3f4g5 black Ke3 Be1 Pb6e5

#2vv                                          (11+4)
Bolero inverse

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June 23, 2019 20:26

The Bolero idea isn’t entirely new: a Querquisite moves and captures like the piece on whose column it stands (so a QQ on e-column moves/captures like a king, a QQ on a-column moves/captures like a rook, etc).

Pеtko Petkov
Pеtko Petkov
June 23, 2019 23:24

Dear Joost,
I think the difference between Querquisite and Bolero is big enough and clear because of: a) Bolero is a fairy condition but not a piece; b) In Bolero, only the moves without captures depend on the vertical location. a). There is an even greater difference between Querquisite and Bolero inverse, of course, either in the two Bolero kinds in which we have RI.
Here is an example showing the huge difference between the piece Querquisite and Bolero: P.A.Petkov (original): White: Kh5, Sh4, Bb2, Pd3, Pd6, Locust a6 (6); Black: Kf4, Pb4,Pe3,Pf3,Pg3,Ph3 (6)
#2v Bolero (6+6) (C+ WinChloe 3,45)
Locust a6
Solution: 1.d7? (zz) – 1…g2 2.LOd6#, 1…f2 2.LOf6#, 1…e2 2.LOh6# (1…b3 2.LOa4#) but 1…h2!; 1.LOa5! (zz) – 1…g2 2.LOe5#, 1…f2 2.LOf5#, 1…e2 2.LOg5#. (1…h2 2.Sh3#!, 1…b3.LOa4#). You could never realize such content, for example, using a white Querquisite on a6 square!
It is quite normal that there is some similarity in the rules between the various fairy conditions or pieces. For example, it is well known that all kinds of conditions of the big “Circe – family” at the first sight are somewhat similar because in them there is shifting of the captured piece on some other square on the board. But we do not say that Circe Parrain isn`t entirely new because exists the classical Circe! And so on, and so on…

Paul Rãican
Paul Rãican
July 5, 2019 23:37

In 1411 wK is necessary. Without him, we have 1.Sg5 Qd4 2.Sh7 Qh8#

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