Julia's Fairies

No.1579 (MN & DP)

Manfred Nieroba & Daniel Papack

Warm welcome to Manfred!

Original Fairy problems
01.01.2021 - 30.06.2021

Definitions / Определения

No. 1579 Manfred Nieroba &
Daniel Papack

original - 09.01.2021

black Be8 Sc2g2c5e5 Qd2g1a7d8c8 Pe2d3c3a5 Kf3 Rc6 white Kh3 Bg3 Sf6b6 Qe6
h#2            2 solutions            5+16

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Kjell Widlert
Kjell Widlert
January 13, 2021 02:01

This is the kind of dual-avoidance complex that is a thrill to unravel. I see the logic this way:
We want to mate by Qg4# or Qd5#. So we need to put a bS on d7 (paralysed by a wS). We also need to take care of e3, either by guarding it or by blocking it with a bS – which we need to paralyse, so in any case one wS must move to control e3. Therefore bSd7 must come at B2, not B1, so as not to paralyse the wS that plays on W1.
For Qg4#, B1 must be S-e3 to stop both Qg1-d4 and Qd2-f4,g5 – but not Sg2-e3? because of Qxg3, so it must be Sc2-e3. W1 cannot be Sf6-d5? because of Qd8-g5,h4, so it must be played by Sb6. Therefore B2 cannot be Sc5-d7? because of Qa7-d4, so it must be Se5-d7. Therefore W1 cannot be Sc4? paralysing Se5, so it must be Sb6-d5.  
For Qd5#, B1 must stop Qg1-d4, but it cannot be Qg1-d1? because both Sc4 and Sg4 will be paralysed by Se5 leaving e3 unguarded. So it must be S-e3 – but not Sc2-e3 because of Qa2, so it must be Sg2-e3. B2 must be Sc5-d7 because Se5 will be paralysed by either Sc4 or Sg4. Therefore W1 cannot be Sc4 because of Qa7-c5,d4, so it must be Sg4.
As you can see, the logic is not 100% analogous, but it is 100% fascinating!
The fact that the position is ”illegal” (or rather impossible in a game) doesn’t bother me at all in fairy chess.
And I thought h#2 Madrasi was worked to death when it was stipulated in a WCCT many years ago…
(The first solution should read 1.- Sbd5 2.Sed7, and the second should read 2.Scd7.)

shankar ram
shankar ram
January 14, 2021 07:36
Reply to  Kjell Widlert

Haven’t fully gone through this, so will comment later.
But one point about WCCT themes: I think there was only a Madrasi #n as a theme in the 4th WCCT. Was there a Madrasi h#2 as a theme in a later WCCT?

Kjell Widlert
Kjell Widlert
January 14, 2021 17:54
Reply to  shankar ram

Sorry, my memory was wrong: I was thinking of 5. WCCT 1993-96, but the fairy theme was H#2 Andernach (not Madrasi).

January 19, 2021 09:16
Reply to  Kjell Widlert

Thanks Widlert.. Amazing explanation !

Georgy Evseev
Georgy Evseev
January 13, 2021 19:14

May be compared to WinChloe 167635. (Not an anticipation.)

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