Neal Turner

Original Fairy problems
01.07.2021 - 31.12.2021

Definitions / Определения

No. 1655 Neal Turner
original - 25.09.2021

white Royal ge2 white Rf2 Pg4 Bf8a2 black Royal gf5 black Ph3g5f7a5c3b2 Bf6 Sh7 Ra3
s#2                       5+10
Royal Grasshopper e2, f5

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October 7, 2021 14:48

The combination of SAT and RoyalG make it difficult to grasp the concept even when one sees the solution. Motivation for the key and defence Sxf8 took some time to understand. The Try Bc5? and it’s appearance after Rb3 make a neat Dresden. Wish there were two such delicacies than just one 😀. Kudos Neal Turner

October 11, 2021 16:07

“Wish there were two such delicacies than just one.”
I’m working on it – it’s not easy!

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
October 13, 2021 08:00
Reply to  neal

The threat 2.Bxf7+ rGxf7 provides the wrG with a flight on h5. This doesn’t work before the key because of 3.Rf3!, which closes the line e2-h5.
The defence 1…Rb3 closes the line a2-f7, but this means there is no white guard of d5, so after 2.Bc5+ the set 2…Be5?? is illegal as the brG has a flight on d5. Instead Black is forced to play the substitute defence 2.Rb5 (so that the brG no longer has a flight on b5), but this is mate because the wrG has a flight on a6.
The defence 1…Sf8 blocks f8, so that after 2.Bxf7+? Black can just play 2…B~ and the brG will not have a flight to f8. However now after 2.Rxh3+ the move 2…rGxh3 is legal, because it doesn’t give the brG a flight on h8.The wrG is mated because it has a flight on h5.

October 19, 2021 12:27
Reply to  neal

Of course it will be difficult! None of your problems are easy to compose or grasp 😀