Sergey Shumeiko

Original Fairy problems
01.07.2021 - 31.12.2021

Definitions / Определения

No. 1666 Sergey Shumeiko
original - 14.11.2021

black Pd5b5a5f6e6h7g7 Ka6 Ba7 white Ka8
h=17                       1+9
Circe Mirror

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Marjan Kovačević
Marjan Kovačević
November 15, 2021 21:00

Instead of deleting all pawns you can use some of them as a perfect shelter on the 2nd rank, typical for stalemates: 1.Bf2 Kb8 2.b4 Kc8 3.b3 Kd8 4.b2 Ke8 5.b1Q Kf8 6.Qh1 Kg8 7.Bg1 Kxh7 (+Ph2) 8.Kb5 Kxg7 (+Pg2) 9.Kc4 Kxf6 (+Pf2) 10.Kd3 Kxe6 (+Pe2) 11.Kd2 Kxd5 … 15.a1Q 16.Qf1 17.Ke1 Kc2=

Sergey Shumeiko
Sergey Shumeiko
November 15, 2021 21:36

Is it possible to fix it?

Sergey Shumeiko
Sergey Shumeiko
November 15, 2021 22:44

Thank you, Marjan. I’ll try to do that. And now the correction of this task in a hurry:
1.Bc5 Kb8 2.Kb6 Kc8 3.Kc6 Kd8 4.Kd6 Ke8 5.Ke5 Kf7 6.Kf4 Kg8 7.Kg3 Kh8 8.Kh2 Kxh7 9.Kg2 Kxg7 10.Kf2 Kxf6 11.Ke2 Kxe6 12.Kd2 Kxd5 13.Kc1 Kxc5  14. b2 Kxb5 15.Sd2 Kxa5 [+bPa2] 16.Sb3+ Kxb4 17.Kb1 Kxb3 18.Ka1 Kc2 =

Marjan Kovačević
Marjan Kovačević
November 15, 2021 23:08

Better don’t to try to correct it in a hurry!! Extending solution gives more opportunities for cooks.

Sergey Shumeiko
Sergey Shumeiko
November 15, 2021 23:23

Good. I’ll think more thoroughly.

seetharaman kalyan
seetharaman kalyan
November 16, 2021 08:21

Wow! This is very interesting

November 16, 2021 17:08

The following problem shows a similar idea. Of course in long h=n, it is much more difficult to be sure of the correction.
Sébastien LUCE, dedicated to Piet Mondrian, Phénix 2018 ser=16                  (3+9) Circe inverse White : Kb4 Rg1 Black : Kh8 Pa3b3ç3d3é3f3g3h3
1.Ra1 2.Rxa3 3.Ra7 4.Rg7 5.Kxb3 6.Rf7 7.Kxc3 8.Re7 9.Kxd3 10.Rd7 11.Kxe3 12.Rc7 13.Kxf3 14.Rb7 15.Kxg3 16.Kh2=

Sergey Shumeiko
Sergey Shumeiko
November 16, 2021 20:41
Reply to  Luce

Sébastien, thank you. but my primary idea was the march of (a-h, h-a) kings (w, b) 2×2 with blocking fields (b)x8 and Stalemate (w,b). It seems to me that the composition you proposed is not quite close to the task published here. Now I’m thinking about how I can fix it: leave the primary idea or take advantage of Marjana’s offer. I will be very pleased if the composers help me with this. We will publish the task here in co-authorship.