Julia's Fairies

No.1668 (KC)

Kıvanç Çefle

Warm welcome to Kıvanç!

Original Fairy problems
01.07.2021 - 31.12.2021

Definitions / Определения

No. 1668 Kıvanç Çefle
original - 01.12.2021

black Ka1 Pa2g3e3f4a4g5 Bh4 white Pg2e2f3a3g4b4h6 Kc3
h=10.5                       8+8
Black Maximummer
White Maximummer

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December 4, 2021 17:20

Funny use of maximummer. That long journey reminds one of the famous Loyd moremover.

Last edited 2 years ago by Seetharaman
Arno Tungler
Arno Tungler
December 17, 2021 21:41
Reply to  Seetharaman

Nice walk of the wK to h8 to lose a Tempo but 13 of the pieces are just needed to avoid cooks. Another possibility would be for example
FEN k1K5/8/1P6/8/8/8/7p h=10.5 double maximummer with the solution 1…Kd7 2.Kb7 Ke6 3.Kc6 Kf5 4.Kd5 Kg4 5.Ke4 Kh3 6.Kf3 Kxh2 7.Ke4 Kg3 8.Kd5 Kf4 9.Kc6 Ke5 10.Kb7 Kd6 11.Ka8 Kc7= Or if you want to keep the walk to the corner:
FEN k7/8/1PK5/8/8/7P/7p/8 h=10.5 double maximummer with the solution 1…Kd7 2.Kb7 Ke6 3.Kc6 Kf5 4.Kd5 Kg4 5.Ke4 Kh3 6.Kf3 Kxh2 7.Ke4 Kg3 8.Kd5 Kf4 9.Kc6 Ke5 10.Kb7 Kd6 11.Ka8 Kc7=

shankar ram
shankar ram
December 18, 2021 20:56
Reply to  Arno Tungler

Has cooks ending with BKh1/BPh2/WKf1.

Arno Tungler
Arno Tungler
December 19, 2021 09:37
Reply to  shankar ram

Yes, seems that I again did not use Jacobi the right way…
So, here are similar Positions already tested by Popeye:
FEN 8/8/6pP/8/8/2K5/p7/k7 h=10.5 double maximummer with the solution 1…Kd4 2.Kb2 Ke5 3.Kc3 Kf6 4.Kd4 Kg7 5.Ke5 Kh8 6.Kf6 Kh7 7.Ke5 Kxg6 8.Kd4 Kf5 9.Kc3 Ke4 10.Kb2 Kd3 11.Ka1 Kc2= Or
FEN 8/8/6p1/8/8/8/p7/k1K5 h=10.5 double maximummer with the solution 1…Kd2 2.Kb2 Ke3 3.Kc3 Kf4 4.Kd4 Kg5 5.Ke5 Kh6 6.Kf6 Kh7 7.Ke5 Kxg6  8.Kd4 Kf5 9.Kc3 Ke4 10.Kb2 Kd3 11.Ka1 Kc2=

shankar ram
shankar ram
December 19, 2021 15:54
Reply to  Arno Tungler

feenschach’s 56th TT, 2003-06 seems to have been for problems using this double maximummer condition.

December 22, 2021 16:39
Reply to  Arno Tungler

Actually the white king move to h8 is not to lose a tempo but to move to the only square from where a lateral move can be made to enable change of diagonal 😀

Joost de Heer
Joost de Heer
December 19, 2021 21:41

Baldur Kozdon, Springaren 1982: wKd5, bKf4, bPh6, h=14 Whitemax, Blackmax

This can be extended: wKf3, bKh2, bPd6, bPh6 h=16, Whitemax, Blackmax. Or if you really want a corner-to-corner for black: wKf3, wBd4, bKh1, bPe5, bPh6, h=16.5, Whitemax, BlackMax
Only improvement of the published composition is that it’s captureless, whereas both Arno Tungler’s, Baldur Kozdon’s, and my version of BK aren’t. But if that’s worth 11 extra pieces…

Last edited 2 years ago by Joost de Heer
December 20, 2021 17:12
Reply to  Joost de Heer

Thank you for the nice examples you showed. I was aiming for an amusing effect. In the first phase both kings move on the long diagonal so that the white king can exploit the special effect of the h8 square. But of course, the extra material used is too high a price.

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