Julia's Fairies

No.1670 (KW)

Kjell Widlert

Original Fairy problems
01.07.2021 - 31.12.2021

Definitions / Определения

No. 1670 Kjell Widlert
original - 04.12.2021

white nh8f8 Pb6a6b2c3g6 Ba3 Sa1f4 Ka8 neutral Halfneutral Qh1 Re3 Se4 black Halfneutral Ra5 black Ba2 Kc4 Pe2c7 Sg8
#2                       11+6+3
Nightrider h8, f8
Half-Neutral h1, a5, e3, e4

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December 4, 2021 20:18

very nice! Actually the hnRa5 is also moved twice by black and by white (though consecutively). Excellent tripiling of the 232-TT.

Marjan Kovačević
Marjan Kovačević
December 5, 2021 00:10

Doubled theme and double pleasure to see this clever and genuinely fairy mechanism two years after the tourney. The battery used for a kind of cross-check turns into the pair of unpinning moves! There is a lot of theme-related byplay too, but the main effect comes from the geometry of the 4 main variations. Yes, it would be better without nightriders, and there should be some other versions of the same mechanism, but what could beat these corner-to-corner geometry?
Another pleasure was to recall how good this 232-TT was! By the way, have you ever seen an award with all 16 entries composed by grandmasters?

shankar ram
shankar ram
December 5, 2021 03:40

Thank you for pointing out that interesting statistic, Marjan!
Actually the 16 are by only 6 different GMs, 7 of them by one! 😉

Last edited 2 years ago by shankar ram
Vlaicu Crisan
Vlaicu Crisan
December 7, 2021 13:53

I also remember with pleasure the triple judge experience of the 232 TT: the high quality of the entries exceeded all my expectations!

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