Julia's Fairies

No.1742 (TL)

Torsten Linß

Original Fairy problems
01.01.2023 - 31.12.2023

☝ Definitions

No. 1742 Torsten Linß
original - 31.03.2023
Dedicated to Shankar Ram

white Ke3 Qa2 Bc6 black Kc1 Qb1
reci-hs(=)#5.5                       3+2
4.5h(bw) --> =1 & s#1

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shankar ram
shankar ram
March 31, 2023 20:09

Thank you, Torsten! Two matching Q/K Indians, and 4x+1 “Love Chase” tries and key! I’ll slip in the haiku made by ChatGPT!

Torsten and Shankar,

Chess problems unite their minds,

Reciprocal aims.

Julia, The solution should read: 1…Qb8 2.Qh2 Kb1 3.Kd2 Ka2 4.Kc1+ Kb3 5.Kb1 Ka3+ 6.Qxb8= & 6.Qb2+ Qxb2#
And the definition should be:
Reciprocal HelpSelf(stalemate/mate) (Reci-HS=/#n): White and Black play in cooperation to reach a position where W can both =1 and S#1.

As more types of such double-goals are added, the “Reciprocal” prefix is confusing and has to be dropped in favour of the notation: m.nd|h(b|w w|b) –> A & B
m.n: move length of the initial sequence leading to the multi-goal position
d or h: defensive or cooperative play
(b|w w|b): who moves first and who is to move when the multi-goal position is reached
A, B…: multiple goals which have to be executed in the position resulting from the common preliminary sequence

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Thomas Maeder
Thomas Maeder
March 17, 2024 10:48

For what it’s worth: a “clone of Popeye” is not necessary to test this problem. Regular Popeye can deal with this if the stipulation is indicated as
sstip Black 9h[2ad[#]&1h[=]h]h

  • 9 half-moves of help play, starting with Black, then
  • 2 half moves of attack-defence leading to mate (i.e. s#1), AND
  • 1 half move of help-play leaing to stalemate (i.e. h=0.5)

Finding the optimal “wording” of the sstip is a bit tricky:
sstip Black 9h[1h[=]h&2ad[#]]h works as well, but takes more time.
sstip Black 9h[1h[=]h&2ad[#]]h even allows Intelligent Mode to be used (for the h=5 part), but this doesn’t save time for this problem, probably because there are many stalemate positions to be tried.

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