Julia's Fairies

No.641 (PH)

Peter Harris
(South Africa)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (III): September – December

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No.641 by Peter Harris – Interesting and complicated miniature. And some words to the programmers again … 🙂 (JV)


Royal piece: Piece that executes a function of the King on the board.

Sentinels: When a piece (Ks included but not pawns) moves, a pawn of the same colour appears on the vacated square unless that square is on the first or eighth ranks or there are 8 pawns of that colour on the board already.

Chameleon Chess: All pieces on the board which are displayed as orthodox Q, R, B, S, are Chameleons. A Pawn can promote only in Chameleon-pieces.

Anti-Super-Circe: After a capture, the side making the capture can place the capturing unit on any empty square. [Placement is compulsory]. A Pawn placed on its first rank is immovable.

No.641 Peter Harris
South Africa

original – 12.11.2014
Dedicated to Vlaicu Crisan.

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

black bb1 sc2 pb8d3 neutral royal pc7 neutral pb2

h=2.5         b) Pb8→a3     (0+4+2n)
Royal neutral piece Pc7
Chameleon Chess

(C+ by Py 4.61, bugs in Py 4.63-4.69)

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Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
November 12, 2014 22:41

The Popeye team have already been informed of this bug.

Vlaicu Crisan
Vlaicu Crisan
November 15, 2014 21:21

Thank you, Peter, for the dedication!
This composition requires imagination: how can one stalemate black with no white piece on the initial board? Sentinelles will create some white pawns, but controling the royal neutral piece is not easy.
The first solution, with the surprising promotion of the neutral royal pawn and four subsequent chameleonic transformations is really superb. However the second phase looks like a pizza after fireworks, in spite of the good usage of all the fairy conditions and the tricky final position.
But let not fool ourselves: it is not by no means easy to show 3 captures in 5 half-moves using AntiSuperCirce – and in a miniature. Peter, you must be definitely very proud for your achievement.

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