Julia's Fairies

No.685 (LG&VN)

Lev Grolman &
Vladislav Nefyodov


Warm welcome to Vladislav in Original Problems section of JF!


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): January – June

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No.685 by Lev Grolman & Vladislav Nefyodov – Imitator in the nice Miniature featuring a specific power of combination wK+nP! (JV)


Imitator(I): Every time a piece moves an Imitator (or a set of Imitators) moves simultaneously in an identical manner. An Imitator cannot move of itself. If an Imitator cannot imitate the move of a piece, the move is illegal. An Imitator may only pass through or enter an unoccupied square and cannot move off the board. Castling is imitated by decomposing into a King move followed by a Rook move. 

No.685 Lev Grolman &
Vladislav Nefyodov


original – 09.01.2015

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

White kg4 Black kg7 pa3c7 Neutral pe7 Id7

h#2.5    2 solutions    (1 + 3 + 1n+1i)
Imitator d7

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Kjell Widlert
Kjell Widlert
January 10, 2015 16:54

One interesting feature is the fact that both mates are given by a neutral: normally Black would be able to parry the check by just moving the neutral away, but the imitator stops this.

I also like the differentiation of the Q/R promotions and the connection with the wK manoeuvres. With a mate by a nQ, the wK must be on g6 so that the queen cannot move away diagonally, and Black has to compensate by moving Pa3 down so that the imitator ends up on c8. With a mate by a nR, there is no time for a3-a2 and therefore the wK must be on g5 so that the imitator still ends up on c8.

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