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No.754,755 (SL)

sluceNo.754, 755
Sébastien Luce 


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): January – June

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No.754, 755 by Sébastien Luce – Non-standard implementation of castling in two different problems! (JV)


Black UltraSchachZwang: Black must give a check on every move (otherwise Black is considered in stalemate).

Circe RexInclusive: Captured units (including Ks) reappear on their game-array squares, of the same colour in the case of pieces, on the file of capture in the case of pawns, and on the promotion square of the file of capture in the case of fairy pieces. If the rebirth square is occupied the capture is normal.

Kamikaze RexInclusive: A capturing unit (including King) disappears.

No.754 Sébastien Luce

original – 23.03.2015

Solution: (click to show/hide)

White Ke1 Rh1 Pd2 Black Ke8 Ra8 Bc7 Pa6

h#10.5                                      (3+4)
Black UltraSchachZwang

No.755 Sébastien Luce

original – 23.03.2015

Solution: (click to show/hide)

White Kb7 Re7 Ba7 Black Ke8 Ra8 Bc6 Pf7

h#2.5                                      (3+4)
Circe RexInclusive
Kamikaze RexInclusive

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Luce Sebastien
Luce Sebastien
March 23, 2015 22:31

Dear all
I am preparing an article about multiple castles in fairy chess (in english). It must be divided in 4 parts :

A) with fairy piece(s) & no fairy condition(s)
B) with orthodox pieces & fairy condition(s)
C) with fairy piece(s) & fairy condition(s)
D) The case of multiple Valladao

The material is great but there is allways something to add with new fairy piece(s), condition(s), stipulation or added themes to the castles. I would like to ask to composers to produce originals. If someone is interested I can send him the detail of what was realised before and in what ways it is interesting to work. Restriction: no zeropositions and no twins except if it is the only example of his category (fairy piece or condition)

The idea at the end is to propose to the readers of the article the best “panorama” possible. luceechecs@gmail.com

Kjell Widlert
Kjell Widlert
March 24, 2015 00:51

The composer in his comment quotes the definition from WinChloe, and it doesn’t fit the Kamikaze mentioned in the definition above the diagram.

With the Kamikaze definition above the diagram, the mates by threat of KxK would be very strange: yes, the captured king will vanish from the board, but so will the capturing king! It shouldn’t be legal to bring one’s own king off the board – which is the reason Black can’t defend by 4.Kc8xb8(wKe1).

The WinChloe definition quoted by Sébastien seems to refer to the Circe variation that was (unfortunately) christened Kamikaze-Circe long ago: Both the capturing and the captured piece are reborn if possible, and otherwise they vanish. (So it is close to, but not exactly like, Circe RI + Anti-Circe.)

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