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No.808 (DN)

Daniel Novomesky 


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): January – June

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No.808 by Daniel Novomesky – An elegant Disparate-Tanagra! (JV)


Disparate: If one side makes a move with a piece of type “x” (black, white, neutral, half-neutral, etc., King included), the other side cannot answer immediately by moving a piece of the same type “x”. (For example: white Qc1, black Ka8,Qa7 – mate in 1 move. After 1.Qc8#, Black is mated because 1…Qb8? is illegal. The mate is possible also with the neutral nQc1 – after 1.nQc8#. Black cannot move the same neutral Queen.) Every Pawn’s promotion is a Pawn’s move, therefore after such promotion (into any possible piece) the other side cannot answer immediately with its Pawn. We can say that after the move of the figure of type “x” any enemy figure of type “x” falls under Half-moving paralysis. This paralysis disappears immediately on the next half-move, if the opponent plays with another piece of type “y”. (This way it is implemented in Popeye. Another implementation of Disparate you can find in WinChloe, but it is based on the different rules. )

No.808 Daniel Novomesky

original – 19.05.2015

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

White kb1 qc2 ra7 Black kh8 pb2

hs#2             2 solutions            (3+2)
Disparate (Py)

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Toshiji Kawagoe
Toshiji Kawagoe
May 21, 2015 07:46

At first sight, I was a bit confusing about why White side can move a piece under the check. But Mr. Petkov’s article in this website made me clear.
A simple and clear demonstration of Disparate condition! As it is completely new to me, this is very helpful and instructive! Thank you for showing us a good example!

May 21, 2015 15:12

Nice demonstration of the Disparate condition! Black promotion is of course determined by the white piece is available for sactifice!

Toshiji Kawagoe
Toshiji Kawagoe
May 21, 2015 16:59

I have found HS2# with Disparate condition by the same author in SG69 (FA1405). In that problem, it seems that similar mechanism is used: wK is checked by a piece of type x, then the same type of white piece is taken by bK, and wK is mated. I like this new one (No.808) because different types of piece are used as x by utilizing pawn promotion.
Anyway, I truly thanks to the author for enlightening me this genre via both problems!

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