No.838 (RJM)

René J. Millour


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): January – June

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No.838 by René J. Millour – An Invisible world is revealed by a wK-march and a very strange black collaboration!

The Invisibles are not programmed, the problem is C-, and no animation is possible here. I keep the same abbreviation “I” as sent by author and also used in 9th Japanese Sake Tourney. See also René’s problem No.675. (JV)

Definition sent by the author:

Invisibles(I): Beside ordinary units, a given number of Invisible pieces are on the board, their identity and whereabouts being not known. Moves are played so as to determine partially or totally the identity and location of the Is, in order to finally achieve with certainty the stipulated aim. An I may play a quiet move denoted 1.I– (a priori we don’t know which I moved to what square), or may capture a visible unit (1.Ixd5) to show its arrival square. An I remains I until both its identity and whereabouts are determined, in this case it is revealed and becomes an ordinary piece. The notation expresses what we know, and only what we know, all must be deduced, not simply asserted through the notation.

No.838 René J. Millour

original – 26.06.2015

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White Kh4 Qe4 Rc6 Bh8 Pa5d6e6f6g6h6

h#9,5                                  (10+0) C-
11 Black Invisibles!

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