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No.854,855 (EB)

No.854, 855 
Erich Bartel (Germany)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (II): July – December

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No.854, 855 by Erich Bartel – Two different stipulations with 8 white pawns in the initial position! (JV)


Chameleon Chess: All pieces on the board which are displayed as orthodox Q, R, B, S, are Chameleons. A Pawn can promote only in Chameleon-pieces.

Chameleon: On completing a move, a Chameleon (from classical standard type) changes into another piece, in the sequence Q-S-B-R-Q… Promotion may be to a chameleon at any stage in the cycle.

Equihopper (EQ): Moves along any line over another unit of either color to a square situated such that the hurdle stands at the mid-point between the Equihopper’s departure and arrival squares. The English Equihopper cannot pass over an obstruction other than the hurdle when playing along Queen-lines. The non-stop/French Equihopper does not have this restriction. Unless otherwise stated, the non-stop Equihopper is meant.

Alphabetical Chess: The squares are considered in the order a1, a2…a8, b1…b8, c1 and so on to h8. At each turn, only the unit standing on the square which comes earliest in this order may move. However check and mate are normal.

Isardam: Any move, including capture of the King, is Isardam illegal if a Madrasi-type paralysis would result from it.

Madrasi: Units, other than Kings, are paralysed when they attack each other. Paralysed units cannot move, capture or give check, their only power being that of causing paralysis. Madrasi RI (rex inclusive): the rule applies to Kings as well, so the two Kings may stand next to each other.

No.854 Erich Bartel

original – 07.07.2015

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white Pa7b7c7d7e7f7g7h7 Kf8 black EQd2e2 Bd5e5 Sa6 Kg6 Sh6

ser-==12                                  (9+7)
Madrasi RI
Alphabetic Chess
Equihopper d2, e2

No.855 Erich Bartel

original – 07.07.2015

Solution: (click to show/hide)

white Pa7b7c7d7e7f7g7h7 black Bd5

ser-!=7                                      (8+1)
Chameleon Chess
Alphabetic Chess
(no Kings)

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July 8, 2015 12:29

Brilliant use of ABC chess and madrasi. I liked especially 855 with the apparently simple position containing a surprising play. Erich Bartel amazes as usual!

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