Peter Harris (South Africa)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (II): July – December

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roses-100No.894 by Peter Harris – Surprising complex of exotic tactical motives in four solutions!
Peter, thank you so much for the dedication! (JV)


Anti-Circe: After a capture the capturing piece (Ks included) must immediately be removed to its game array square (necessarily vacant, else the capture is illegal). R, B & S go to the square of the same colour as the capture; Ps stay on the file of capture; fairy pieces go to the promotion square of the file of capture.

Isardam: Any move, including capture of the King, is Isardam illegal if a Madrasi-type paralysis would result from it.
Madrasi: Units, other than Kings, are paralysed when they attack each other. Paralysed units cannot move, capture or give check, their only power being that of causing paralysis.

Transmuted Kings: When they are threatened, the Kings move only like the threatening unit(s).

No.894 Peter Harris
South Africa

original – 16.09.2015
For Julia on her birthday
16th September

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white ke5 rc3e4 sa1 pd7 black kd4 re8h8 sc5d5

h#2            4 solutions          (5+5)
Transmuted Kings

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