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Original Problems (124)

Original Problems (page 124)

Original fairy problems published during 2012 will participate in the informal tourney JF-2012

The site is mostly about fairies, but h# and s# are also welcomed for publication! Please send your problems to my e-mail: julia@juliasfairies.com

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I have a pleasure to present you 4(!!) problems by Peter Harris! It is Peter’s answer to my wish to have 200 published problems by the end of year. Thank you, Peter!!

No.189 – h#1,5  – A short, but nice Aristocrat! (JV)

No.190 – h#2,5  – A very surprising finals! (JV)

No.191 – ser-#4  – A pleasant neutral three-men! (JV)

No.192 – h#4  – A nice Orphan-Festival! (JV)


Anti-Circe: After a capture the capturing piece (Ks included) must immediately be removed to its game array square (necessarily vacant, else the capture is illegal). Captures on the rebirth square are allowed. Game array squares are determined as in Circe.

Super-Circe – When captured, a piece is reborn on any free field on the chess board without causing self-check or selfmate. Possible is also removal of captured piece from the board. The Pawns (white, black, neutrals, half- neutrals) can be reborn on the first or eight row also. When reborn on the first row  (for Black) or on the eight row (for White) the promotion is obligatory. When reborn on the first row  (for White) or on the eight row (for Black) the Pawns are immovable.

Isardam: The moves causing a Madrasi-like paralysis are illegal. This holds right up to the capture of the mated King. This is standard form of Isardam.

White Maximummer ultra: White’s only legal move is his longest – calculated as per Maximummer rules.

Maximummer – Black must play the geometrically longest move or may choose from among longest moves of equal length, distances being measured from the center of each square. Diagonal and oblique distances are measured from the orthogonal coordinates by using Pythagora’s theorem (take the square root of the sum of the squares of the orthogonal distances). All other orthodox chess rules apply.

Anti-Circe (Cheylan): When a piece captures (including King), it must come back to its rebirth square. If this square is occupied, the capture is forbidden. A Pawn capturing on its promotion rank promotes before it is reborn. The captures on the rebirth square are forbidden.

Sentinels Pion neutre: When a piece (Pawn excluded) leaves a square outside the first and last rows, it leaves a neutral Pawn unless 8 neutral Pawns are already on the board.

Sentinels Pion advers:   When a piece (not a Pawn) moves, a Pawn of the colour of the opposite side appears on the vacated square if it is not on the first or the last rank, and if there are less than 8 Pawns of that colour on the board.

Orphan (O): An orphan can move only when observed by an enemy piece; when so observed it can move like the piece(s).

No.189 Peter Harris
South Africa
h#1.5             3 solutions             (4+5)
Solution: (click to show/hide)

No.190 Peter Harris
South Africa
h#2.5             2 solutions             (4+7)
White Maximummer ultra
Solution: (click to show/hide)

No.191 Peter Harris
South Africa
ser-#4       b) nRa8->b2        (0+0+3)
Anti-Circe (Cheylan)
Sentinelles Pion Neutre
Solution: (click to show/hide)

No.192 Peter Harris
South Africa
h#4             2 solutions             (2+11)
Anti-Circe (Cheylan)
Sentinelles Pion Advers
Orphans: a1,c1,d1,e8,g1
(No w.King)
Solution: (click to show/hide)

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December 21, 2012 22:17

No.191. It is a little confusing with neutral Kings. Why white cant capture the King on his move? Why white should play 4 more moves ?

Diyan Kostadinov
Diyan Kostadinov
December 21, 2012 22:49
Reply to  seetharaman

The capture 1.nR:a1?? is forbidden because of Anti-Circe type Cheylan where the captures on the rebirth square are forbidden. “a1” is rebirth square for the nR on its white phase

December 22, 2012 06:49

🙁 Thanks. I forgot the difference for Cheylan Anti-Circe !!

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