Tournament for PG problems 2013-2014

Tournament for PG problems 2013-2014

JF-LOGO-1Retro and PG problems 2013 – 2014

Dear Friends,

In April 2013 I’ve published at JF the first PG problem and promised to organize a separate tournament for PG problems in case of more entries.  Total number of PG problems in 2013 is seven:

No.299 (Nicolas Dupont)
No.306 (Enzo Minerva & Antonio Garofalo)
No.310 (Nicolas Dupont)
No.312 (Paul Rãican)
No.325 (Paul Rãican)
No.436 (Paul Rãican)
No.437 (Paul Rãican)

I’ve decided to extend the tournament to the year 2014, and now I’m glad to announce the
Tournament for Retro and PG problems published at Julia’s Fairies in 2013 – 2014!

hans-gruberThe judge: Hans Gruber – a well known German composer, the president of German association of problemists Die Schwalbe, for many years an editor of famous German magazine feenschach and a very active International judge! I’m grateful to Hans for accepting my invitation to judge this competition!

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