Site Updates-071012

Site Updates-071012

Updates as of 04-07.Oct, 2012:

  • (07.10) 2 new problems by Ioannis Garoufalidis are added – see No.146, 147! Thanks a lot to the author!
  • (05.10) What I wanted to do before leaving for a week, was to finish my own problem! (if it was the only thing needed to be finished! 🙂 ). I’m happy I can publish it tonight! Please see No.145 – I will always appreciate your comments, and I will be able to read them in Italy, hopefully!
  • (04.10) Happy to welcome Russian top-masters in fairy genre – Georgy Evseev and Lev Grolman! See a 4-men problem – No.144! Thanks a lot to the authors and welcome to send more entries!
  • (04.10) It’s so nice to get a problem from my the best commentator of the site – Seetharaman Kalyan! Enjoy solving of No.143! And my special thanks to the author!

You can click on the Original Problems tab on the top to see the whole list of published problems. Problem numbers are links to the problems – click on any number to see the problem. Standard search using Ctrl+F also works for the list.

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