Site Updates 12-151113

Site Updates 12-151113


Updates as of the 12-15th of November, 2013:

  • (15.11) No.422 – S. K. Balasubramanian – A nice demonstration of seldom condition Anti-Circe Clone!
  • (15.11) No.421 – Georgy Evseev – Very interesting Circe-play! There’s also a hint for the solvers! Enjoy!
  • (13.11) No.420 – Peter Harris – This nice Miniature with a combination of Isardam and Chameleon Chess has opened up some questions. And finally I’ve decided to present it to you with some comments about the interpretation of Chameleon Chess condition in WinChloe and in Popeye, as well as comments about possible bugs in Popeye on the example of this problem.
  • (12.11) No.419 – Peter Harris – Interesting maneuvers of all 3 white pieces!
  • (12.11) No.418.1 Eugene Rosner – A revised version of problem No.418, with the author’s foreword: What’s nice is that there is now a dual-avoidance in the first variation that takes advantage of the removed knight. A bP is retreated one square and the move PxS is not allowed by the Alsatian stipulation. It is actually a thematic element of the problem. This setting looks optimal“.

All problems published during September-December, 2013, you can found in the section Julia’sFairies-2013(III) under Original Problems menu on the top.
The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(III)Eric Huber

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