Updates as of 20-22.Jul /2012:

  • (22.07) My own new problem is added to PAGE-19 No.49Anti-Andernach this time. 
  • (20.07) For SOLVERS!  Two new problems by Peter Harris are added to PAGE-19. Author believes that the problems should be SOLVED first, and then analyzed. See No.47 and No.48. After conversations with Mr.Harris I’ve tried to add a possibility to show or hide the solution. It is added to PAGE-19 and PAGE-15 for now for testing. 
  • (20-21.07) I’m trying to add a possibility for visitors to edit comments. Also, have changed a list of Recent comments. Have some problems with avatars there – visitors’  photos sometimes are visible and sometimes not. Will test all comments-related things.. Please let me know if something goes wrong! Sorry for inconvenience!

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