Updates as of 10-18.Jul /2012:

  • (18.07) It’s the first time when I had 3 new problems! to publish in one evening. Warm welcome to the new authors at site – Karol Mlynka (Slovakia) and Kenneth Solja (Finland)! See new problems at PAGE-18: No.44Karol Mlynka, No.45Kenneth Solja, No.46Peter Harris.
  • (17.07) For SOLVERS! One more problem by Peter Harris is added to PAGE-18. Author would like you to SOLVE his No.43! Please try!! I’m grateful to Mr.Harris for his activity!
  • (16.07) Fairy innovations by Zoran Janev are added to PAGE-17 with No.41,42. Thanks a lot to the author for sharing his ideas!
  • (11.07) The separate Tourneys section is created for the tourneys announced by Julia’sFairies and also for the other, external tourneys.
  • (10.07) I’ve added my own problem, Andernach Chess, to PAGE-16 with No.40
  • All articles by Petko A.Petkov and the last issue of Fairings by Christopher Feather published at the site are available from the Articles page. Your articles are very welcome!!

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