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JF Marine TT 2013

Julia’s Faries MARINE TT 2013


Rules: Problems with main thematic play of Marine pieces in 3 sections:

1. H# (H=, H==) problems in 2-4 moves,

2. HS# (H=, H==) problems in 2-4 moves,

3. Series H# (H=, H==, all types Pser and Phser problems) in N moves but with possibility of computer test 

Either solo-play or different combinations between the following Marine pieces are allowed: Siren, Triton, Nereid, Poseidon, Marine Knight, Marine Pawn, Marine MAO (Scylla), Marine MOA (Charybdis). Neutral, half-neutral pieces are allowed. Other fairy pieces implemented in the both programs – Popeye and WinChloe – are allowed, but provided that the main accent is on the play of Marine pieces mentioned above. Fairy conditions are not allowed.

Computer tested problems only! Please mention the program and version used for testing! 


Judge: IGM Petko A. Petkov – International Judge of FIDE.

Closing date: September, 30th, 2013.


Some Examples:


N 1. BROGI a) 1.SIfd2 Be4 2.POxe4-e3 POxd2-d3#; b) 1.SIfb4 Bd5 2.POxd5-c5 POxb4-c4#. Model mates, echo. 

N 2. GANDEV –  I. 1.Bxd5 dxe5+ 2.Sd4 exf6#; II. 1.Sxd4 dxe4+ 2.Sd3 exf5#; III. 1.Sxd3 dxe6+ 2.Bd5 exf7#. Cyclical Zilahi, self-pins, Annihilations, line-opening, creation of neutral batteries P/nTR. 

N 3. GANDEV –  I thematic duo:  1.Se7 MSc2 2.Sc6 MSxe3-f1#; 1.Sc2 MSe7 2.Sb4 MSxf5-h6#; II thematic duo: 1.Kxd4 MSxe3-f1+ 2.Se3 MSxe3-d5#; 1.Kxd5 MSxf5-h6+ 2.Sf5 MSxf5-d4#. Feather’s HOTF-form with very rich “Marine content”! 


N 4. FEATHER –  I. 1.SIf6 SIaf2+ 2.NEf5 SIxf6-g7#; II. 1.NEf7 SIbf2+ 2.SIf5 SIxf7-g7#. Black self-pins, Annihilation, battery-play motives. 

N 5. PARRINELLO  –  a) 1.LEd2 TRb6 2.Kd3 TRb3 3.Qg5+ NExg5-h6#; b) 1.LEb6 NEd2 2.Kc5 NEb4 3.Qg6+ TRxg6-h6#. Creation of reciprocal batteries, white self-pins,critical LEO-moves.  

N 6. GANDEVI. 1.nROc7 Rh3 2.Kxf4 Re3#; II. 1.nROh5 Rb6 2.Kxd5 Rxe6#. Creation of batteries R/nMS, pins of the forward piece nMS and another black piece.


N 7. FEATHER  – 1.Sb4 EA3d5+ (EA5d5+?) 2.SId6 TRe6#; II. 1.Sb6 EA5d5+ (EA3d5+?) 2.SId4 TRe5#. Very nice anti-batteries combined  with anti-dual.

N 8. GANDEVa) 1.Kd4 NEd3 2.LOxd3-c2 TRxg7-h7 3.Kd3 TRd7#; b) 1.Ke6 TRf7 2.LOxf7-e7 NExg6-h7 3.Kd7 NEf5#. Zilahi, Echo diagonal-orthogonal.

N 9. LORINC –  I.1.POa2 & 1.Rb6 2.TRc6 3.TRc3 4.POc6 5.POc5 6.Rb3 POxb3-c4#; II. 1.POc2 & 1.Rd6 2.TRe6 3.TRe3 4.POe6 5.POe5 6.Rd3 POxd3-e4#; III. 1.POb2 & 1.Rc6 2.TRd6 3.TRd3 4.POd6 5.POd5 6.Rc3 POxc3-d4#. Bristol, Chameleon Echo-mates.  

For more information about Marine pieces read also the articles by IGM Petko A. PetkovDo you know the Marine Pieces?” – Part I, Part II, Part III.

Please send your problems till 24:00 September, 30th, 2013 by e-mail only to Julia, julia@juliasfairies.com

Marine-TT-cup-candyThe Award will be published on Julia’s Fairies website before the end of 2013.


May the Siren’s song on a morning coffee cup encourage you to win!


All are welcome to participate! Have a nice Marine season!

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