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Notes to the Award of JF 1st T.T. HSP-2012

Notes to the Award of JF 1st T.T. HSP-2012:

1) A new version of problem – 1st Honorable Mention –  Manfred Rittirsch – is accepted for publishion here with a consent of the judge, because of the errors in solving programs. The matter is that the original problem was C+ by WinChloe 3.21, but it has cooks in WinChloe 3.23. The author is not responsible for program’s errors. (23-Apr-2013)

2) 2 corrections are made to specifications of solving programs after solutions (28-Apr-2013): 

  • 1st Honorable Mention –  Manfred Rittirsch – “(Py 4.61)” is changed to “(WinChloe 3.21)” – it was my mistake, and I appologize for it!
  • Commendation – Pierre Tritten -“(WinChloe)” is changed to “(WinChloe 3.21)”


Director of JF 1st T.T. HSP-2012Julia Vysotska.

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