Tourneys by Israeli Chess Composition Society, C31.05.2015

Tourneys by Israeli Chess Composition Society, C31.05.2015

israeli-ccsСomposing tourneys organized by the Israeli Chess problem Composition Society

Uri Avner Memorial Tourney
(3rd Israel Open Chess Problem Composition Tourney)

The Israeli Chess Composition Society is announcing a chess problem composition tourney dedicated to the memory of Uri Avner. The tourney will be in two sections as follows:

Section 1: Helpmates in 2.5 or 3 moves. Judge: Francesco Simoni. Theme: “Pin-correction” – a black piece is unpinned (directly or indirectly) by white. Later in the solution the same piece becomes pinned on a different square. Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed.

Section 2: Selfmates in 2 to 6 moves. Judge: Petko Petkov. Theme: Play of at least one white battery and one black battery. Use of other strategic motives is very desirable. Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed.

Entries to the tourney director, Omer Friedland, by email to: Deadline: May 31, 2015.

Yosi Retter 80 Jubilee Tourney

The Israel Chess Composition Society is announcing a chess problem composition tourney to mark the upcoming 80th birthday of our dedicated member Yosi Retter.

Theme: The tourney is for selfmates in 2 or 3 moves showing the Feldman-I theme. This theme involves reciprocal continuations after random and correction moves of two black units. No fairy pieces or conditions are allowed. Schematically the theme can be depicted as follows:
1…Random move by piece X 2.A …#; 1…correction by piece X 2.B …#
1…Random move by piece Y 2.B …#; 1…correction by piece Y 2.A …#
Note that in S#3 problems the thematic moves A & B must be on white’s 2nd move. The theme is further clarified in the examples. Cyclical presentations, involving three (or more) thematic black pieces are allowed. 

Judge: Yosi Retter. Closing date: May 31, 2015. Please send problems to Raffi Ruppin:  
Prizes: 1 st Prize – $300, 2nd Prize – $200, 3rd Prize – $100.

The intention is to have a prize giving ceremony during the 58th World Congress of Chess Composition, 1-8 August 2015, Ostróda, Poland.

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