christmas-bellsChristmas Blitz-Tourney JF-2012

Give mate with a neutral piece!

Rules: H#2 problem, where mate is given after the last move of neutral piece! Number of neutral pieces on the board is unlimited, although it is desirable for them to be not only technical units, but figures connected to the theme of the problem. All fairy pieces programmed in Popeye, WinChloe or Alybadix are allowed. Fairy conditions are not allowed. Not allowed are also pieces with special additional functions, as “kamikaze”, “paralyzing”, etc. Computer tested problems only! Please mention the program used for testing!

See the schemes and examples of the problems!

Judge: IGM Petko A. Petkov – International Judge of FIDE. Thanks a lot to Mr.Petkov who has agreed to judge one more tourney and in so short term!

Term: 10 days! Please send your problems till December, 27th, 24:00 by e-mail only to Julia,

The Award will be published on Julia’s Fairies website on December, 31st, 2012.
I believe, it will beautify the site for the New Year’s celebration! 

Chocolates on the picture are your prizes! I believe you’ll find some associations with neutral pieces! 🙂

Welcome to participate and have fun with these problems!

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8 Responses to Christmas-neutral-blitz-JF2012

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    hm….. no battery mates ?

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    Actually “Royal” and “Chameleon” are also special attributes !

  3. JuliaJulia says:

    I have just got the 11th problem for this tourney! Simply great!!

  4. Georgy EvseevGeorgy Evseev says:

    Are the problems with setplay allowed?

  5. JuliaJulia says:

    67 nice thematic C+ problems I’ve sent to the judge! I didn’t expect so many and I’m very-very happy about your activity! Thanks a lot to all participants! I will show the list of participants tonight and of course will inform you about the award!

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