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No.11 – November, 2011. Oh, I know there’s nothing new in a play of 2 Knights! But I like them! Anyway, the main roles in the play have static neutral Grasshoppers and active black Queen.

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Julia Vysotska

StrateGems – 2012, No.57 (jan-mar.12), FB 1143

h#2        2 solutions     5+5+2
Grasshoppers: c5, f5


1.Qd5xc5 Sb1-c3 A 2.Qc5-f8 Sc1-d3 B #

1.Qd5xf5 Sc1-d3 B 2.Qf5-f2 Sb1-c3 A #

Creation of bi-color anti-batteries S/nG, Zilahi theme, distant self-blocks of the neutral Grasshoppers, cycle AB – BA of white moves. Model valium no prescription mates. Meredith.

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