Ostróda, 07.08.2015

58th World Congress of Chess Composition



Judge: Julia Vysotska

First of all I would like to thank all the participants of this competition! I am pleasantly surprised to have received so many interesting works of very high quality, and I am honored to be a judge of this tournament!                      → See the Award


Закладка Постоянная ссылка.

5 комментариев: 1st RIGA BLACK BALSAM TT – The Award

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman пишет:

    The award has so many interesting and high class problems. Petko Petkov the inventor walks away the top prize in both sections! Congrats to all the winners and to Julia for this successful tourney. It will take me several days to understand the intricacies of these beautiful problems.!

  2. shankar ram пишет:

    Really strong participant’s list – all top composers!
    Problems also look like they pack a kick (as strong as the drink? ;-)).
    To be savoured slowly..!

  3. Bartel Erich пишет:

    Dear Julia,
    congratulations on your successful
    1st RIGA BLACK BALSAM tourney.
    A great work you did!

  4. JuliaJulia пишет:

    Thank you, dear friends, for all warm words! And once again – thanks a lot to all participants! Wonderful problems!! Really, most of the Congress’ time I was analyzing problems, but it was a very pleasant job. Some problems had to be played many times to discover all surprises and beauty of the solutions. Section A was nice and pleasant. Section B was just absolutely great, and therefore also complicated to rank..
    My sincere congratulations to the winners!!
    And one more thing: I wish more of my prize winners were at the Congress. I hope so much for the next time in Belgrade!

  5. Nikola Predrag пишет:

    The experience from great previous tourneys on Julia’sfairies simply didn’t allow any doubt about the success of 1st RIGA BLACK BALSAM TT 🙂

    Of course, the very continuation/extension of Julia’s contribution to chess composition still deserves all the praises. Cheers, Julia!

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