Award JF 2021/II (Shankar Ram)

Award JF 2021/II (Shankar Ram)

Do you believe in Santa? You have to, as a real miracle has happened on this New Year’s night! 

And here is him, with a surprising gift to all of you – Shankar Ram with the Award JF-2021/II (July-December 2021!)

Award JF-2021/II (fully prepared by Shankar Ram)

What can I say? I’m amazed! I feel I’ve got so wonderful gifts for this New year: two JF’s awards of 2021 (Ofer Comay and Shankar Ram) and also the acceptance to judge the next fairy tournament – JF-2022/I – from Vlaicu Crișan!
This is something what gives me energy and wish to do this work, to smile and to be glad and proud about so wonderful members of our society! Let’s spend the New year 2022 as we have started it!

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Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
January 1, 2022 23:54

A new record. A problem published on 31/12/2021 wins a prize in an award published a day or two afterwards!

January 2, 2022 19:34

Amazing record! Great work by Shankar to write the award, format it and present a statistical table too. The tourney ends on 31-12 and the award is published the next day. Unbelievable, unbeatable speed !!

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