Champagne Tourney 2020

Champagne Tourney 2020

Theme : Capture in the air
Fairy conditions (but not fairy pieces) allowed in both sections. Maximum 2 entries per composer per section (collaboration counts for 1 full entry). Maximum 1 non computer tested entry per composer in section A.

Prizes in each section : subscription to Phénix 2021 for the first place, Winchloé light for the second place

This year, Champagne Tourney is without Champagne… Thanks to Laurent Riguet and Christian Poisson for providing the Prizes.

Entries to the director Eric Pichouron, by Sunday 18th October 24:00 PM,
e-mail :
who will transmit problems to the judge Michel Caillaud in anonymous form.

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jacques rotenberg
jacques rotenberg
September 14, 2020 07:56

“in the air” means ?
a capture by a piece ?
a capture by a piece that then plays ?
a capture by a pawn that is not needed by the pawn structure ?
a capture in the middle of the board ?
a capture on a mirrored square ?
a “prise en passant”?

Kostas Prentos
Kostas Prentos
September 14, 2020 08:53

Jacques, it is explained in the announcement (top left rectangular space in the frame), but here is what it means:
An officer (not a promoted one) is captured by another officer (not a Pawn).
The captured officer has moved at least once and made no capture.
At the time of the capture, the captured officer : -doesn’t give check -is not pinned.

nicolas dupont
nicolas dupont
September 15, 2020 00:21
Reply to  Kostas Prentos

“An officer (not a promoted one) is captured by another officer (not a Pawn).”
In the France-Echec forum, I suggested to call this theme “anti-Prentos”. It obviously refers to the Prentos theme “A promoted piece is captured by an officer (not a Pawn)”.

Kostas Prentos
Kostas Prentos
September 16, 2020 05:01
Reply to  nicolas dupont

Hi Nicolas. I read the comments at the France-Echecs forum, when naming this “theme” came into question. There are several possible anti-forms of the so-called Prentos theme. Your suggestion seems natural.
However, it should be noted that the capture of a non-promoted officer by another officer can be trivial, or accidental in a PG (e.g., when a piece infiltrates the opposite camp and captures one or more pieces that have not moved). For a theme worth mentioning and worth pursuing, it makes sense to add certain conditions that will elevate it from nothing to something. This is done well in the Champagne tourney that requires some additional conditions to be met for an entry to be accepted.
To compare with similar themes, what would be the anti-forms of Ceriani/Frolkin and Schnoebelen? It is hard to think of something that would make sense for the former; as for the latter, would it be “the capture of a non-promoted officer that has never moved”? It is not really much of anything, is it? So, I wonder whether there is a need for an “anti-Prentos” at all.

jacques rotenberg
jacques rotenberg
September 15, 2020 08:13
Reply to  Kostas Prentos

Thank you Kostas, thank you Nicolas

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