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No.10 – November, 2011. Chameleon was my first fairy piece, so maybe this is one of the reasons I like it, but it is really very interesting one! So, I come back to Chameleons again and again. And this time Chameleons are shown together with Grasshoppers.

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Julia Vysotska

StrateGems – 2012, No.57 (jan-mar.12), FB 1135
7th Commendation

h#2        b) Ga6->c1       6+4
Grasshoppers: a6, h4
Chameleons: Bd3,Sd6,Qg5,Sg6


a) 1.cBd3-c4=cR cQg5-g4=cS 2.cSd6-e4=cB cSg4-f2=cB #
(not 1.cSc4=cB? cQg4=CS 2.cBd4=cR cSf2=cB#? 3.cRe3=cQ!!)  

b) 1.cSd6-c4=cB cSg6-f4=cB 2.cBd3-e4=cR cBf4-d2=cR # 
(not 1.cBc4=cR? cSf4=cB 2.cSd4=cB cBd2=CR#? 3.cBd3=cR!!)

Double black self-blocks on c4/e4 realized by the black Chameleons with interchange of functions between them and thematic tries on the first black move;
specific creation of batteries with forward piece Chameleon and rear piece Grasshopper. Interchange of functions between white Chameleons. Meredith.

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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
June 11, 2015 05:26

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