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No.13 – November, 2011. Yet in summer I had an idea of the Queen-Chameleon moves as shown below, but couldn’t find anything interesting for the black moves. Neutral pieces have made the idea a bit different and added more of content.

996706 /

Julia Vysotska

Uralsky Problemist, № 68/2011, 1119

h#2      2 solutions       1+7+3
Chameleons: d3,e3,h1


I. 1.Rg1-g8 ncRh1-g1=ncQ 2.Rg8-c8 ncQe3-a7=ncS #

II. 1.Rg1-g6 ncRh1-d1=ncQ 2.Rg6-e6 ncQd3-d8=ncS #

Line-opening after black key-moves, Ambush moves of the nCRh1, black distant self-blocks on c8, e6, specific mates with neutral Chameleons in S-phase. Meredith.

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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
June 12, 2015 12:56

–>PDB P1304279