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No.14 – 06 December, 2011. Learning to compose hs#. Half-battery play here, without any fairy pieces. I believe that this one should be nice for solving.

996710 /

Julia Vysotska

The Problemist Supplement – 2012, No.118 (May-2012), PS2586F 

hs#2,5      2 solutions       6+8


I. 1…Qc1 2.Sh2 Rh4 (not 2.Qh2?) 3.Qf7+ R:f7#

II. 1…Qd1 2.Qh2 Rh7 (not 2.Sh2?) 3.Se3+ R:e3#

Black half-battery play, open of black lines, direct pin of white piece (Se1), double pin mates, dual avoidance.

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8 years ago

Nice dual avoidance play on white first move!

shankar ram
shankar ram
6 years ago

matched sequences of bq pin of wse1/w self block on h2 + line opening for BRs+ dual avoidance based on bq’s 1st move/br pin of ws/q h2 + opening of a8-h1 half battery.. followed by w check forcing full opening of the half battery..

rich, harmonious, matched effects plus elegant construction..!

Bartel Erich
5 years ago

–>PDB P1304274