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No.18 – I was told it is important to compose a problem on the New Years Eve – to be successful in composition in the New Year. So, I did! This problem was finished and sent for publication in the afternoon of 31 December, 2011. I believe, it gave me a very active and exciting chess-year-2012!

99738 /

Julia Vysotska

Tehtäväniekka – 2012, No.1/2012 , #3815

hs#3        2 solutions       6+7
Kangaroos: a8, e8


I. 1.Rd5 KAf3 2.gxf3 Ra6 3.Qe6 + Rxe6 #

II. 1.Re5 KAe3 2.dxe3 Ba4 3.Qc6 + Bxc6 #

Specific mates with using Q and KA on the one line, with the impossibility for white to prevent checks because of anti-batteries creation, double white self-block, change of functions of black pieces, reciprocal sacrifices of black KA, modal mates.

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Bartel Erich
June 14, 2015 19:31

–>PDB P1304401