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No.19 – finished 02.01.2012 – Another hs#-problem with battery-play composed right after New Year! This is a time, when I’ve started to lean Dentist-theme. No fairy pieces in the problem below. Sometimes I like when I can compose something without them, as actually usually I have a great wish to use them  🙂

99741 /

Julia Vysotska

Уральский проблемист – 2012, № 69/2012, #1190
6th Commendation

hs#3       b) Bb8→Sb8      7+4


a) 1.Be8-b5 Bb8-c7 + 2.e7-e8=S Bc7-d8 3.Se8-f6 + Bd8*f6 #

b) 1.Be8-c6 Sb8-d7 + 2.e7-e8=B Sd7-f8 3.Be8-g6 + Sf8*g6 #

Opening of a black battery-line, white under-promotions, transformation of black B/R battery through replacement of forward piece on the battery-line, creation of a Dentist-mechanism. Meredith.

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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
June 18, 2015 21:26

–>PDB P1304469