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No.2  – finished 24.08.2011 – My the second published problem! It was composed for The 14th SABRA Tourney, WCCC-2011. While the 1st one has taken me almost a month, for this one I had just one night and one day. 

Funny thing about this problem: I’ve composed it at night 23-24.08.2011, till about 4am in the morning. After 9am came at work sleepy, but the problem still had some cooks. I told to my collegue, that I’m very sorry, but I have to finish chess-problem till 4pm, so please don’t ask me anything and do everything yourself as if I were not here! 🙂  

Comments to this problem are written later. 

99548 /

Julia Vysotska

The 14th SABRA, WCCC2011

h#2         2 solutions       6+11


(I) 1.Sd4-f3 Sc4-e3 (1…Sxd2?) 2.Sf3-e1 Se3-f1 #

(II) 1.Be6*c4 Bf6*d4 2.Bc4-f7 Bd4-f2 #

ANI-problem: 2 solutions with anti-identical contents in thematic attitude;

Both Knights (Sc4/Sd4) which are captured in the first phase, make all half-moves in the second phase;

annihilation captures on c4/d4;

Bivalve-theme, realized from Be6/Sd4;

a try with S-self-pin in the first solution;

an additional line-opening for Rf8 executed by the wBf6 in the second solution.

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Bartel Erich
June 7, 2015 19:02


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