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No.25 – finished 22.01.2012 – AndernachChess in HS-problem this time! More complicated to compare with previous two problems. Pins, batteries, change of color… and plus Chinese pieces! Only absence of Chameleons 🙂  but otherwise – everything I’ve learned is presented here! 

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Julia Vysotska

Best Problems – 2012, No.63 (Jul 3/2012), #2927

hs#3     b) pc4->d3        7+10
Andernach Chess
PAOs: a5, h8, a1
Nightrider c8
VAO h1


a) 1.PAa5-a6 Nc8-e4 2.Rf3-f5 Ne4*a6=wN + 3.Rf5-d5 + Bg8*d5=wB #

b) 1.PAa5-a2 Bg8-d5 2.Rf3-e3 Bd5*a2=wB + 3.Re3-e4 + Nc8*e4=wN #

Sacrifices of white PAO (on a2/a6) with the goal: Annihilation + change of color of the black B and N.

Unpins of white Rf3 with Ne4/Bd5; black half-battery play N-B/PAO; creation of black batteries N/VAO and B/VAO.

Model mates after three white pins (2 active and one passive).

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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
June 30, 2015 12:19

–>PDB P1304930