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No.29 – composed 07-Feb-2012 – Anti-batteries LEO/nLEO. An interesting moment for me in this problem was to find the position of this nice company wK, nLE, bN, bR to make this scheme work without cooks. Maybe some other positions are possible as well.. I like to find out such possibilities.

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Julia Vysotska

PAT A MAT, No.80 (Sep-2012), #1123

h#2.5    2 solutions   (2+7+1n)
Leo h5, a3
Nightrider a4


I. 1…nLEc1 2.Rb8 (not 2.Ng1?) nLEh1 3.Ng1 LE5f3‡ (not 4.Sc6?? or 4.Rb7?? – self-checks)

II. 1…nLEb2 2.Rb7 (not 2.Ng7?) nLEh8 3.Ng7 LE5e8‡ (not 4.Sc8?? or 4.Rb8?? – self-checks)

Creation of anti-batteries LEO/nLEO; critical moves of the nLEO; black self-blocks realized by the black Nightrider; blocks of black N on the mating moves; self-blocks of bR on b7/b8; anti-duals.

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