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No.3  –  finished 12.09.2011 – After WCCC-2011 I have started to learn and try different themes in composition. I’m grateful to Diyan Kostadinov, who has sent me the first theory I had and some links to useful websites.

The helpmate below is a joint problem with Diyan.

I had a scheme:

Stipulation h#2
White Rh4 Bb1 Bg1 Sb6 Sd5 Pe2
Black Ke4 Rd3 Ba1 Sf4 Se1 Pf5
Where the solution should be something like:
1) 1.[B]e5 Ba2 2.Rxd5 Bxd5#
2) 1.[S]f3 Rh2 2.Sxe2 Rxe2#

But I couldn’t find any motivation for the first move, I just had an idea that B/S should move from nowhere to e5/f3.
Diyan has found the sense for adding B/S and so finished the problem below: 

99562 /

Julia Vysotska & 
Diyan Kostadinov

Orbit – 2011, No.52 (Nov), #3272

h#2         2 solutions       6+11


(I) 1.Se1-f3 Rh4-h2 2.Sf4xe2 Rh2xe2 #

(II) 1.Bh8-e5 Bb1-a2 2.Rd3xd5 Ba2xd5 #

The thematic complex: selfblocks and black lines closing (on black 1st move), unpins (on white 1st move), sacrifices of unpined pieces (on black 2nd move), change of functions of white and black thematic pieces, pin mates. (D.K.)

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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
June 7, 2015 19:05

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