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No.31 – finished 10-Mar-2012 – Another play of neutral pieces MAO, MOA, and Locust (to compare with No.30). Plus, a funny play of 2 black Knights – I know, there’s nothing new in it, but I like to use such pairs of Ss. 🙂

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Julia Vysotska

PROBLEEMBLAD -2012 , Nr.3 (Jul-Sep-2012), F911

h#2        2 solutions    3+6+3
Lions: b1, d1
Moa c5; Mao f4 
Locust c3


I. 1.Sc2-b4 nLc3*b4-a5 2.Sd2-c4 nMOc5-d3 #

II. 1.Sd2-f3 nLc3*f3-g3 2.Sc2-e3 nMAf4-d3 #

  • Line opening for the white Lion and sacrifice of the black S for the neutral Locust’s move on the black’s 1st move (S).
  • Neutral battery creation Lo-MAO/MOA on the white’s 1st move (Lo).
  • Bi-valve realized on the black’s 2nd move (S):
    – line opening for the second white Lion
    – line closing for the the neutral Moa/Mao on the mating move.
  • Battery play and inclusion of the both Lions on the white’s 2nd – mating moves (nMoa/nMao).

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