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No.34 – composed 19-25-Mar-2012 – This is the 2nd KoBul Kings problem composed for KoBulChess-TT-2012. I still remember too good the composing of it. Not always it happens like this. Some problems leave longer memories, but some – like come and gone. The idea came to me in the early morning, while driving my daughter to school. And this problem still associates for me with a lights on the wet asphalt in the morning darkness..   Only my initial thought was to have PAO and VAO (for diagonal and orthogonal), but later I’ve found that for each solution, using one of them I can’t “find a job” for the second one. So, I came to LEO, and have spend a week with this problem.  (This problem is already shown on the site in my Thematic issue Ideas with KoBul Kings)

99784 /

Julia Vysotska

KoBulChess TT 2012, AWARD-April-2012
2nd Prize

hs#3         2 solutions       5+5
KoBul Kings 
Grasshopper d3 
Leo c1 


(I) 1.Qd4 cxd4 [wrK=rQ] 2.rQd1 LEd2 3.Gd5 + LExd5 [wrQ=rG] # – not 4.rGxd5(bK= brLE)?? – self-check!!

(II)1.Qb3 cxb3 [wrK=rQ] 2.rQg3 LEe3 3.Ga3 + LExa3 [wrQ=rG] # – not 4.rGxa3(bK= brLE)?? – self-check!!

Realization of the KoBul Kings fairy condition with activity of the both KoBul Kings:

– Active phase of the white KoBul King after sacrifice of the white Q -transformation to the Royal Q, which moves to the mating positions.

– Passive phase of the white Kobul King on the mating move – transformation to the Royal G, which has no possible moves to avoid the mate.

– Passive phase of the black KoBul King –  the only possible defense of the white King  (in the Royal G phase) – capture of the mating piece (bLE) – falls because it transforms the black King into Royal LE piece giving the self-check.

Double Ambush – black (Le) + white (rQ); Bristol theme – wG opens lines for the second moves of bLE; ODT; Model mates.

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Diyan Kostadinov
Diyan Kostadinov
November 3, 2012 14:46

I remember when I saw this problem for the first time as a judge of the tourney – I was pretty sure that it is clear prize. I wish you more such an excellent compositions in the future.

March 20, 2013 19:28

Looking at it again, I am amazed at the thematic effects. Very nice problem and worthy winner !

Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
September 27, 2015 16:51
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