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No.37 – finished 21-Apr-2012 – April-2012 is a month when I’ve created the website  julasfairies.com. And this is a month, when I have composed the only one problem! It’s  not easy to be everywhere… plus being a beginner in the both – composing and managing the site. I don’t know yet what I can do better. Probably, the site 🙂  But composing is most exciting!

The problem below shows a play of 2 neutral pieces – Bishop-Locust and Nao. The both are very interesting by itself. And this is what they can do together!

99793 /

Julia Vysotska

DIE SCHWALBE – 2012, HEFT256 (Aug-2012), #15293

h#3         2 solutions     1+8+2n
Nao c7
Bishop locust b1 


I. 1.Ba2-b3 nNAc7-e8 2.Bb3-c2 nNAe8-b2 3.Rc6-c4 nLBb1*c2-d3 #

II. 1.Rc6-f6 nNAc7-b5 2.Rf6-f5 nNAb5-h8 3.Ba2-f7 nLBb1*f5-g6 #

Critical moves of the neutral Nao with self-blocks of this piece on the squares c4/f7.
Change of functions between Ba2 and Rc6 (block ↔ sacrifice).
Creation of neutral anti-batteries LB – Nao.
Model mates.

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Bartel Erich
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