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No.41 – finished 18-May-2012 – My May-June’2012 can be called the period of Locusts! I believe, that not only for me, as many of us that time were reading Petko A. Petkov’s article Block of Neutral Battery Piece – I and Block of Neutral Battery Piece – II. Four thematic sacrifices (2+2) in this problem. This problem also can be seen by No.15 in Original Problems of julasfairies.com. I agree with a comment there that it would be more interesting if I had a sacrifice of 2 different black pieces where I have bRf6 & bRg5 (bR and bB for example). 

99833 /

Julia Vysotska

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.15

hs#3*       2 solutions   (3+7+2n)
Rook-lion h8
Locust f8, g8


Setplay: 1…Ra1-a6 2.Sh4-g2 Ra6-f6 3.nLf8*f6-f5 + nLg8*g2-g1 #

1.Sh4-f5 Ra1-a5 2.Sf5-d6 Ra5-g5 3.nLg8*g5-g4 + nLf8*d6-c5 #

Four thematic sacrifices (2+2) of black Rc1 and Sh4 with a goal – attraction of neutral Locusts. Play of double (created with two forward pieces) mixed batteries nLO,nLO/Rook-Lion with intechange of functions between neutral Locusts. 

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Bartel Erich
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