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No.45 – finished 09-Jun-2012 – Neutral Locust and a special form of unpin of the black piece by blocking the square after the King on the Locust’s line.  This problem also can be seen by No.23 in Original Problems of julasfairies.com.  

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Julia Vysotska

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.23

h#2    b) black Sf4  (5+6+2n)
Nightrider f6
Locust g5


a) 1.Rg2-d2 Be1-g3 2.Rf4-d4 nLg5*f6-e7 #

b) 1.Nf6-d2 c5-c6 2.Sf4-e2 nLg5*g2-g1 #

A special form of unpin of Rf4/Sf4 by blocking the square after the King on the line. Play of masced neutral battery. White moves “unblock” the squares around the black King to make them to be controlled by nLo in the mate position. Interchange of functions between black Nf6 and Rg2.

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Bartel Erich
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