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No.46 – started still in winter, and finished in June,2012 – Surprising tempo-moves, ambush-moves… – without a help of Mr.Petkov this problem won’t be ever finished!  This problem also can be seen by No.24 in Original Problems of julasfairies.com.  

99697 /

Julia Vysotska &
Petko A. Petkov

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.24

hs#2,5     2 solutions      (5+9)
Grasshopper d1
Nightrider f1


I. 1…Ra1-a2 2.Gd1-f3 e2*f1=N 3.Gf3-d5 + Nf1*d5 #

II. 1…Rg1-g2 2.Nf1-g3 e2*d1=G 3.Ng3-h5 + Gd1*h5 #

Unpin of white G and N, which makes surprising tempo-moves.Realizing this unpins, the black Rooks demonstrate also ambush- moves with a goal – control on f2/d2. Creation of black batteries through reciprocal under-promotions into G and N.

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