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No.47 – finished 18-Jun-2012 – This is my lovely one!

On the 25th of May I’ve got an email from Zoran Gavrilovski, saying that in no. 37 of “The Macedonian Problemist” a pride of place will be devoted to the 70th jubilee of the Grandmaster Petko Petkov and also a photo (shown here, made by Diyan Kostadinov on the celebration) will be placed on the cover of the magazine, and I’m invited to send an original problem for it. Of course, I’ve started to think about that problem! And in my “Locusts-period” I couldn’t think about anything also, but about Locusts and what could I show with them. 

This problem is dedicated to Petko Petkov 70th jubilee, and I’ve included here 2 main things I’ve learned from Mr.Petkov recently and like a lot – Dentist-theme and interesting behavior of Locust piece. 

99885 /

Julia Vysotska

The Macedonian Problemist – 2012, No.37 (Jan-Apr), #1215
Dedicated to Petko Petkov – 70

hs#3,5      b) white Sd1      (7+7)
Locust e1
Nightrider f7


a) 1…Bh5-e2 2.Bd1-b3 Be2-f1 3.Le1*f1-g1 Nf7-c1 4.Lg1*g5-g6 + Nc1-d3 #

b) 1…Nf7-b5 2.Sd1-b2 Nb5-d1 3.Le1*d1-c1 Bh5-d1 4.Lc1*c5-c6 + Bd1-f3 #

Locust in Dentist theme. White B/S opens the battery-line with the first move. Black masked-battery creation.

Exchange of functions of the black pieces N/B:

– Sacrifice of black with the Locust move along the pin-line.

– The defense of black from Locust – a block of King’s opposite square – uses a special nature of Locust piece.

Double-check mate.

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