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No.55 – finished 17 Jul-2012 – This problem is kind of reflection of No.6, which was orthodox helpmate and could be my first composed problem.. Thinking of that problem started a year ago and published later in Orbit, I’ve composed this one, for Orbit again, and you can find the similar motives. 

99938 /

Julia Vysotska

ORBIT – 2012, No.56 (Nov-2012), F61

h#2,5*    2 solutions      (5+4)
Grasshoppers g4, f3


Set-play:   1…  …  2.Rd7 Gc8   3.Rd6 Gc6 # 

Real play: 1…Gd3 2.Bb3 Ga3 3.Bc4 Gb4 #

Reciprocal anti-batteries created by two Gs, which interchange their functions in set-play and real play. Switchback of R/B.

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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
July 28, 2015 04:27
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